Orange and Banana Yogurt Smoothie

You can’t go wrong with the refreshing flavours of this orange banana smoothie!

This makes a wonderful mid-morning or afternoon snack. Packed with vitamin C too.


1/2 Cup chilled Orange juice

1/2 Cup Greek yogurt

Half a Banana


Place all of the ingredients in Blendaco portable blender  and blend until smooth.

Serve this tasty smoothie directly from the Blendaco jar or pour it into a glass!



  • Better digestion: fibers absorb the water through the digested food and also this helps make the stool soft.
  • Boosts the gripping power of the brain
  • ‘Perfect fiber supplement’ since it has got higher contents of fiber
  • Offer you the energy required for the workout
  • Provides you healthy bones
  • Good for mood elevation

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