• Keto Blueberry Smoothie

    The ketogenic diet involves a drastic change in carbohydrate intake and prefers to focus on calories from fat. You can prepare this smoothie for breakfast when you don't have much time or whenever you feel like a healthy snack. INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Unflavoured Plant-Based Milk 3/4 cup Fresh Blueberries 1 tbsp Protein Powder A few Ice Cubes INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1 Put all the ingredients...
  • Detox Spinach Green Smoothie

    Discover a detoxification treatment that offers incredible health benefits! Detoxification makes it possible to cleanse the body. Such a routine eliminates toxins, cleanses the body from the inside out, increases well-being and energy levels, improves physical appearance and helps you gain a healthy weight. INGREDIENTS 100 g Baby Spinach 1 Kiwi Fruit 1/2 Avocado 1 tbsp Chia Seeds 150 ml Water INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1...
  • Tropical Punch Mocktail

    This non-alcoholic fruit punch is the perfect summer quencher. Tropical fruit juice is combined with pineapple juice, mango and mint. Summer weekends are perfect for this fruit slushy punch, made in the Blendaco portable blender! INGREDIENTS 1 cup (250ml) Pineapple Juice, Chilled 1/3 cup (55g) Frozen Diced Mango 5 Mint Leaves TO SERVE: Ice Cubes INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1 Put all the ingredients in Blendaco...
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