Consider this your daily health insurance during this time of year! When you are feeling low on energy and a little under the weather, this Immune Booster Orange Smoothie, that is bursting with orange, ginger, mango and cinnamon, will give you just the boost you need. INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Orange Juice 1/2 cup Fresh Mango Chunks 1 half Banana 1 inch piece Fresh Ginger...
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  • Healthy 5-Minute Spinach Smoothie

    This creamy spinach banana smoothie is easy to make, requiring just 4 ingredients, 1 portable blender, and 5 minutes. This spinach banana smoothie is not only incredibly healthy, but it’s also refreshing, and flat-out delish. Seriously, Yum! INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Dairy-free Milk 1 cup Baby Spinach 1 half Banana 1/2 cup Fresh Mango Chunks INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: Add baby spinach, banana slices, fresh mango...
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