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Based on 581 reviews
Perfect breakfast smoothies

Add frozen blueberries and strawberries, (one cup each), blend with water, then add yoghurt and blend again.

Beautika Collagen Blend
Way Too Sweet

After trying the recommended serving size (20g in 300ml of water) it is EXTREMELY sweet. Even 10g in 800ml is very, very, sweet — but manageable in warm water. It also doesn’t state how much collagen is actually in a single serving (yes it gives you the protein amount but I’d appreciate the specificities, considering it is a collagen supplement), would also like to see how much vitamin C there is AND the amount of polyols! Because the sweetness is genuinely unholy. If I’m wanting a sweet treat, I will opt for sugar free (which usually means its sweetened with a sweetener), but my goodness, this has to rank #1 in terms of how unpleasantly sweet it is. So sweet in fact, that it FEELS unhealthy to drink. I will give it points for claiming to have Type I, II, and III, but if I could return this product, I absolutely would. Worst tasting supplement I’ve ever had.


I've used the Blendaco blender for a close to a month now and I rather disappointed in the performance of the device. Now I'm not sure if I received a dud device unit or not or if it is a design or motor issue. However, despite following the manufacturer's instruction the blender struggles to blend such simple things as a protein shake or soft blueberries even after tipping it 45 degrees. It starts and ceases/stops. In my eyes this is a complete failure in what the Blendaco device was supposedly capable of as I have to shake the blender and restart it again so it can blend.
The Blendaco dismal performance is in stark contrast against to a $40 blender I purchased from the protein shake company, which outperformed the Blendaco blender each time with no complications in ceasing or failure to blend.

Great for hot liquids too!

I got the special lid with the valve so I can make my daily ritual cacao drink - it’s great that the glass is borosilicate too because that means it will handle the sudden changes in temperature better with hot drinks. Unfortunately airport security wont let you take your blendaco as carry on when you stupidly forget it has sharp spinning blades on it!! Even though it can only operate when fully assembled and the blades are safe, they couldn’t let me take it. That was a silly “last minute pack” I did but my bad luck was the check in staffs good luck because she scored a free Blendaco that day!!!

Ms A

It’s a fantastic blender I have brought before
I’m thinking of getting a second one
I used it every day it’s so convenient
I have so many others blender’s after few uses I put it away because of the wires and you need to find the a place where you can plug it in to blend
This is the best product I have ever brought
Thanks to the inventor
I totally LOVE it

Love It

I've been following a 80-20 high fat diet and the Blendeco blender has helped me add butter to my hot beverages like tea and coffee, having a glass jar also means I don't have to worry about leaking plastic into my drinks. Its very portable, I actually take just the base with me to work cos I have another jar at work. I love the hot lid too.

love it

i live in my van, so this portable blender has been perfect for me.. great quality too


Best blender I have used. It’s so easy to use and I love that it is lightweight and fits perfectly in my handbag so I can take it out on the go with me

Love this product!

Am obsessed with this blender! so easy to use and clean!! Use it daily already would definitely recommend!

BLENDACO PACKAGE 2.0 - Sleeve + Jar&Lid + Straws
Best portable blender ever!

Loving my new potential blender. Blends delicious smoothies/frappes every time any time. Easy to use, easy to clean. Got the Rose Gold. Beautiful.

John Byron
A nice gift from my wife

Just got this from my wife on our anniversary! Looks really cool and I hope to use it at the gym.
I saw some of your recipes and I will try some of those out as well.

Nice product

Very convenient portable blender on the go!

Best Purchase

I’m so satisfied with my Blendaco purchase. I even got one for my daughter and she loves it too.

Best postworkout carb up ever

I've decided to mix it up after my workouts and sometimes instead of the protein shakes, I want to eat or drink a lot of fruit and this neat little masterpiece is just the thing for it!

Green all the way

Single serving green whatever ...smoothies or juice, sauces and everything I love them to the moon and back. Love that I can create a single serving without getting out the monster blender that is conditioning me everytime I used it to make multiple servings and I am just one. I hate wasting food and ingredients and since my food mood changes drasticaly during the week, now I can save food waste and not feel guilty anymore. Match made in heaven!

My morning motivation

This is one of my favorite tools to keep my morning motivation at a decent level. I love having a fresh citrus treat in the morning and this helped a lot knowing that now it's easy to get one and I no longer need to spend a lot of time preparing it and clean after that. Thanks Blendaco!

I like it!

Easy to use, small. The jar is perfect because it doesn’t smell. I like that the blender’s not heavy, I carry it with me almost everywhere.

I love this thing!

It's awesome! 😍 Blends amazingly and it's not loud at all ! So easy to use - just press the button and it starts. Easy to clean as well. Blends frozen food great and ice great!


I got it to make fruit smoothies in the morning before going to work. I really like the size of it, it's realatively small, so it doesn’t take up a ton of space an is easy to store.

Great mini blender

I bought the mini blender for weekend getaways but I’ve ended up using it almost everyday for smoothies, dressings and dips. So cool to have in my kitchen, all the recipes I tried were perfect. It’s a great product, so innovative.

Let's get saucy!

I love sauces, I just love adding them to every meal. Unfortunatelly I have problems with high colesterol and high blood presure and my doctors said that oils are forbidden in my diet, so I had to start creating my own oil free sauces at home since there are not eligible options at the supermarket. Bought the Blendaco Portable Blender to be able to blend 1 or 2 servings, so I don't have to use the big blender. Using the big blender I had to use a lot of ingredients, make multiple servings and throw them in the garbage bin after a while, so I was unhappy throwing food. Thanks heaps, Blendaco for allowing me enjoying sauces every day and saving ingredients!

Super affordable for every day use

I'm currently trying to find my way into a healthier lifestyle and not interested in investing in expensive blenders just to be able to make smoothies, sauces and dressing, especially that I live alone. I don't even have space to deposit a bigger blender, so this one is simply great for my needs. I recently discovered that is perfect to take it to the park when I do my workouts outside. Best companion for my healthy lifestyle journey.

Cool Portable Blender

I spend most of my time outside of the house, between work and gym.
This portable blender has been such a great investment and I am so glad I have it. It's easy to use and to clean, perfect size to throw it in your bag and enjoy a smoothie wherever I am.

Love this!

This blender is extremely light weight, and powerful. I put 5 frozen strawberries in it, added water and protein and it did an excellent job, blending them together. There is no separate cup, the blender is your cup.
I will probably buy another one, and just leave it at work, and carry this one to the gym and home.

Quick Snack while working from home

Felt like having a fruit snack so I put up an apple in the blender with a bit of water and made myself a fast liquid snack. The blend was super smooth